January 30, 2013

This Message Will Self-Destruct in 3…2…

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selfdestructWhat started as a sexting phenomenon has now made its way into the enterprise security world.

No, really. SnapChat started making waves with the media when it was recognized for its ability to send photos between mobile devices which would expire in a specified time. It’s supposed to be copy-proof, no screenshots, no saving, no forwarding, etc. SnapChat maintains that they’re just an example of how communication around the world is changing. It was only time until it moved to the enterprise.

Say hello to Wickr. A free application newly integrated to DropBox as well as Google Drive and Box, people can send a message, document or video to anyone and set a self-destruct time. This would be avoidable in an enterprise where any device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, phablet, etc.) and application that can be used is managed. However, BYOD (once again) dumps this idea on its head and leaves the security department scrambling while a sensitive PDF is secretly sent outside of the corporate network and no one will EVER know.

What’s the point of having a safe when everyone has the key?

This will become a growing problem, racing parallel with how to secure Big Data. Scary.

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Adam Hensel

Adam Hensel was a senior sales and engineering leader at AirPatrol from 2008-2013.

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