July 30, 2013

A Connected World

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connected_worldRecently, Microsoft launched “Lab of Things” – a cloud-based framework that links to the company’s HomeOS, which monitors and controls connected devices inside home environments. Part of the HomeOS is the HomeStore which acts as an application, drivers, and device store. This could make it so that one platform controls all the automated devices in your home.

You heard me right – one platform will control any device that is automated in your home. This idea may not include everything right now but these three devices are already automated:

With so many devices connected to one platform, your home suddenly looks like your enterprise’s network. BYOD and the interconnectedness of printers, shredders, speakers, access points, etc. can make the wireless environment rather intimidating. However, knowing exactly what is connected and being able to take action can make the difference between walking into a home with the heat on during the summer or seeing your enterprise’s financial records pop up via a Google search.

We continue to make our wireless world more complex and with smart devices that must operate under secure and consistent mobile device policies. After all, how can you secure your enterprise network if you’re unaware of half the devices connected? A smart toaster may not ruin your corporation but a transmitting video camera in your conference room might.

Topic(s): IoT

Adam Hensel

Adam Hensel was a senior sales and engineering leader at AirPatrol from 2008-2013.

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