January 1, 2019

5 Ways Enterprise Wayfinding is Shaping the Mall of the Future

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What comes to mind when you imagine the mall of the future? As consumers, one would hope that it would be easily accessible, navigation would be simple and straightforward, and the stores you stop at seem to know what you want before you do. From the REIT and retailer side of the coin, there's a desire to be able to lead customers directly to your store, offer them exactly what they want and are likely to buy, and to be able to reach out to them more effectively in critical buying moments.

As futuristic as these ideas may seem,  Enterprise Wayfinding Platforms (EWP) are already able to make these dreams a reality.


Monitoring Dwelling Times to Drive Real-Time Sales

With the ability to measure dwelling times in a given location, Enterprise Wayfinding Platforms can offer insights on precisely where customers are spending their time within the store. Retailers can then use this data to assess which in-store marketing tools are most effective based on the customer and the amount of time they spend in each area of interest. 

This level of personalization is typically used in the context of ecommerce. If a shopper visits a product page repeatedly for more than 30 minutes, an online shopping experience might offer them a very specific bundle deal or coupon for free shipping in the moment. Retailers can take the same approach with in-store experiences, sending similar promotions to a shopper's mobile phone through their app based on rules built around how long they've spent in that section of the store. Using location-based data, retailers can tip the scales in the moment to drive real-time sales.


Direct, Personalized Customer Communication

The more directly and personally you can connect with your customers, the better you can provide them with the products they are most likely to purchase. Using technologies such as smartphone applications, customer loyalty programs, and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) beacons, wayfinding software for retailers can empower you to create a more intimate, sticky relationship with current customers. Exceptional experiences create customer loyalty and drive customer acquisition through word of mouth.


Targeted Offers and Notifications

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, retailers can distribute messages to customer smartphones by utilizing the combination of location-aware indoor positioning beacons, indoor maps, and the store’s mobile application. This can be anything from a welcome message upon entering the store or mall ("Welcome to the mall! Come visit us to take advantage of our 15% off everything sale!") to promotional offers based on past shopping experience ("Hi there, Sally! Are you running low on the cosmetics you bought last time you were here? Restock at 10% off today."). Through the use of location-aware technologies and smartphone apps, retailers can draw people into a store or to specific in-store products with a personalized Call to Action, and navigation directly to the deal.


More Personalized Product Promotions

When customers opt-in to receive communications from you, notifications and communications can be sent to their smartphone based on their proximity to a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon. This provides further potential for personalization of a customer's shopping experience. Retailers have the ability to provide technologies such as virtual walls, endless aisles, and more, opening new channels for revenue and bringing relevant and personalized products directly to the customer.


Better Navigation

When indoor maps are implemented with wayfinding technology, indoor navigation can be accessed through smart phones, kiosks, and other handheld devices. In large shopping malls, the ability to navigate directly to a desired store using a smartphone that delivers step-by-step instructions and provides the blue-dot experience we've come to expect from the outdoors is infinitely simpler than consulting a complicated map or directory. Enterprise Wayfinding Platforms provide precise location-awareness technology, allowing for concise navigation, removing friction from what would otherwise be an enjoyable experience.

Enterprise Wayfinding creates an ease of access through a mall and stores for the customer while allowing for more direct interaction and product presentation for the retailer. Through the innovative location-aware technologies that digital wayfinding utilizes, retailers can offer customers products tailored to their needs or preferences, and customers can navigate directly to these offers with ease. Over the past decade, innovations in wayfinding have taken indoor navigation beyond a set of simple directions to creating an exceptional experience that incorporates and integrates with numerous other technologies, providing benefits for everyone involved in the consumer industry and experience.





Updated January 1, 2019: This post was originally published on May 5th, 2015 and has been updated to provide more information.

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