July 9, 2015

JibeTalking The Internet of Things, iBeacons in Retail and the PanAm Games

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Internet of Things Momentum Is Starting to Build



Connecting objects and systems around us, the Internet of Things (IoT) is on the rise, disrupting industries and bringing about innovative solutions. In this recent article, Bob O'Donnell, Founder and Chief Analyst, Technalysis Research LLC, talks about the potential of IoT – millions of intelligent connected objects – in enterprises across different verticals.


At Jibestream, we’re really excited about the Internet of Things, it’s like a golden thread of location-aware objects, running through hospitals, shopping malls, and corporate campuses that our team of wayfinding geniuses uses to create apps, which are transforming the way people interact with environment around them.


The corporate 'Internet of Things' will encompass more devices than the smartphone and tablet markets combined



Also on this topic, new data by BI Intelligence predicts that the Internet of Things will be the largest of the three main IoT sectors  — enterprise, home, government. The driving force behind this exponential growth is enterprise capabilities in terms of capital and reach, but also the expansion of services.


One of the findings in this report shows that, in 2019, enterprise IoT alone is expected to be larger than the entire smartphone and tablet markets combined, which BI Intelligence forecasts will include around 6 billion devices by 2019.


How retailers and brands are using iBeacons for marketing campaigns


A great view on how retailers are successfully leveraging beacon technology to create innovative marketing campaigns, by SmartInsights. One such example is Macy’s, who introduced iBeacons technology in combination with ShopKick, an iPhone app that offers location-based coupons, enabling shoppers to receive personalized deals, discounts, product recommendations and even reward points for in-store interactions.


Fuelling remarkable shopping experiences through experiential wayfinding, retailers are leveraging ibeacons and the Internet of Things to build loyalty and bring more in-store traffic.

A Glitch in the Way Pan Am Games Begin

As the Pan Am Games get under way, fans and families are navigating their way events all around our city. More and more visitors are inclined to go online for directions and transportations info. Luckily, there is a mobile app available for the event, leveraging digital maps to provide directions to venues, with a few minor errors.


PanAm Games


Good luck to all the athletes!

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