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Inpixon Experience

Workplace Experience & Employee App Platform

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CXApp Workplace Experience Platform

Campus information app screen from Inpixon's in-house workplace experience app, Inpixon Connect.

The Future of Work is Hybrid

Our app platform, Inpixon Experience (formerly The CXApp Smart Campus), is the most comprehensive mobile-first workplace experience solution that creates a smart, innovative, and connected work environment. Give employees the tools they need to thrive, remain engaged and connected with colleagues while boosting productivity in their preferred working environment.

Eliminate complex tech stacks and reduce app overload. With over 125 native features and more than 75 partner integrations, we provide an open, flexible solution that delivers a comprehensive workplace experience on-site, in-person, and everywhere in between. Using our app, one of our Fortune 500 clients, reduced the number of employee apps they use from 18 to 4.

How Inpixon Experience Works

Our workplace experience solution goes beyond closed, point solutions to help you streamline all digital touchpoints into one place. Employees can easily access the solution on-demand, no matter where they’re working from, to support flexible work models for things such as desk and room booking, corporate content, employee networking, campus navigation, office perks, amenities, and much more.

Employees want modern tools that deliver services right on their mobile devices. Deploy a fully-branded workplace app with Inpixon Experience to digitize touchpoints for distributed workforces, enhance organizational accessibility, & elevate employee experiences. Bring employees back to the office safely, while fostering an innovative culture that keeps employees happy and engaged.

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Smart Offices Begin with Smart Technology

Inpixon Experience Benefits:


Ease difficulty transitioning to a hybrid workplace

  • Switching from traditional assigned seating formats to hot-desking and hoteling is a difficult process to manage. Organizations need the right technology to make it easy to use and accessible to employees across a wide range of technical knowledge.
  • Inpixon Experience helps employees have a better understanding of how to use desk booking and conference room scheduling systems to manage their workstation needs and book a workspace on-the-go.

Attract & retain talent by keeping people connected

  • The world of work has shifted to a hybrid model. Some employees work on-site, some are remote, and most are doing a mix of both. It’s imperative that organizations keep employees involved in company initiatives and contributing to workplace culture, whether they’re in the office once a week or once a year. Failing to do this could result in serious attrition rates where the cost of turnover is very high.
  • Companies that do this well have a competitive edge with recruiting and retaining top talent. By using a smart office solution, like Inpixon Experience, companies keep their employees connected and updated no matter where they are through easy in-app notifications, content programming, and social behaviors.

Streamline employee communication

  • Today, businesses typically have several methods of communication whether that be email, intranet, direct messaging, or teleconferencing. With Inpixon Experience, communications are housed in one platform.
  • Our smart notification engine keeps employees informed anytime, anywhere - across a distributed workforce.

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Workplace Experience Application Features

Inpixon Experience application features are housed in one easy-to-access platform allowing businesses to create a more productive and secure work environment.

Hot-Desking-Desk-Hoteling-PhoneHot Desking/Desk Hoteling

Search for and see the location of workstations in the context of a map of your office. With office hoteling features, users can see desk amenities, view desk availability, and reserve a seat. Automatic check-in and check-out relays real-time desk usage data. With advanced booking options, administrators can even configure availability to match office capacity and workforce thresholds.

Indoor-Navigation-PhoneIndoor Navigation

Make it easy for employees, guests and personnel to navigate your properties with turn-by-turn directions on a digital map. With on-device positioning, a user's mobile device is used to sense their position within your facility and helps them to effortlessly get where they need to be, such as a reserved workstation or meeting room, with a familiar blue dot experience.

Real-Time-Notifications-Phone1Real-Time Notifications

Real-time mobile updates and time-sensitive communications and alerts keep employees and visitors informed - both on and offsite. With targeted location-based messaging, you can rest assured that the right message is getting to the right person at the right time. We’ve even added social distancing alerts to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable in their work environment.

Find-a-Colleague-PhoneFind A Colleague

An in-app company directory provides a holistic picture of departments reporting structures for better organizational awareness. Search for a contact in the central directory, identify their workstation and receive turn-by-turn directions to their space. Book a nearby desk or meeting space to make collaboration easier.

Room-Booking-PhoneRoom Booking

Search for and see the location of meeting rooms and other shared spaces on a live map. Refine results based on amenities and meeting requirements, instantly check a room’s availability and make a reservation. Meeting information, relevant notifications and time-sensitive alerts are automatically sent to attendees.

News-and-Events-PhoneNews and Events

A company-wide newsfeed featuring the latest stories, blogs, thought leadership and announcements helps employees stay informed with the option for personalized content.

Occupancy-Reporting-PhoneOccupancy Reporting

Capture valuable location and positioning data to help monitor and optimize campus health and usage. Beacons and sensors automatically register when employees arrive at their reserved workstation. A record of who sat where and when aids in real-time occupancy reporting, giving operations better control over per-site capacities, workforce thresholds and rapid response protocols by user’s location.


Make the office a fun and safe place to be with in-app access to workplace amenities, dining/services, mobile ordering, events, health and wellness, health check questionnaires, contact tracing, and other opportunities and experiences.

Campus-Info-PhoneCampus info

Provide users with an effortless way to access campus information no matter which location they are at. The platform supplies a list of perks, wellness information, and event details to keep everyone in the loop about what is available at each location.


Desk Booking

The Inpixon Experience desk booking system helps you manage seating and resource allocation within the workplace. The platform allows employees to make informed decisions about the workplace with real-time access to available desks and meeting spaces with the flexibility to reserve a workstation, if and when they decide to come into the office.

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Meeting Room Booking

Our meeting room booking system is another feature within our Inpixon Experience platform. Employees leverage the live availability map, integrated blue dot positioning, amenity search, and other powerful features, to easily find, reserve, and access meeting rooms with seamless access through a mobile app.

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2021 Vision Award for Reopening

FacilitiesNet 2021 Vision Awards Winner logo

The FacilitiesNet Vision Awards honor innovation and excellence in products contributing to the efficient, profitable operations and management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States.


Best Smart Building Solution for Return to Work

Winner 2020 Connected Real Estate Tech Awards - Best Smart Building Solution for Return to Work logo

"The CXApp, now an Inpixon company, delivers an exceptional technology solution that contributes to managing or improving the return to work and is the winner of the Return to Work category."
Rich Berliner, CEO | Fifth Gen Media, Publisher of Connected Real Estate Magazine


28thCommAwards_SiteBugs_Final_SiteBug_Mobile_Gold with border2

Communicator Awards

Inpixon Experience recognized with Award of Excellence for Best User Experience in the Mobile Apps category.


Stevie Award for HR & Employee Experience

American Business Awards 2022 Bronze Stevie Award for Inpixon Experience

Inpixon Experience was honored with a bronze Stevie Award for HR & Employee Experience in the App and Mobile Websites category.


Pandemic Tech News Innovation Award


Inpixon Experience was awarded a Pandemic Tech News Innovation Award for excellence in supporting safe & productive in-person, hybrid and remote workplaces during the pandemic.


Coworking Platform of the Year

PropTech Breakthrough 2022-Inpixon

Inpixon Experience was recognized as Coworking Platform of the Year at the 2022 Proptech Breakthrough Awards for its versatility and agility in supporting hybrid coworking spaces.

dekra-iso27001-logoISCO/IEC Certified

Inpixon's platform is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and utilizes validated information security policies and processes in alignment with industry best practices and standards for managing the security of assets, including financial information, IP, employee details or information entrusted by third parties.

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Inpixon Experience Integrations

Our open architecture allows for seamless integration with many other workplace technologies, systems, sensors, and data sources to help you unlock the full potential of your custom app. We offer more than 75 pre-built integrations with your favorite workplace technologies and systems, including access control, digital signage, mobile food ordering, and other smart building technologies to help you create personalized solutions that work across your entire workplace.

We firmly believe in the importance of an intelligent, open partner ecosystem and welcome opportunities for new integrations with other service providers our clients use.

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