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9 Ways Companies Are Using Wayfinding Software

9 minute read |
January 1, 2019
  Wayfinding technology has increasingly become an invaluable tool on corporate campuses around the world. Enterprise Wayfinding Platforms (EWP) go far beyond simple...

What to Consider When Embarking on An Indoor Wayfinding Project

9 minute read |
November 1, 2018
The benefits of digital wayfinding are undeniable. From improving patient experiences in hospitals to supporting the omnichannel retail experience in shopping malls,...

Hospital Wheelchair Tracking & the Impact of Inefficient Asset Management

3 minute read |
February 20, 2018
Hospitals have reported an annual attrition rate of up to 25% for lost and stolen wheelchairs. To truly understand the repercussions this has on a hospital, it's...

Challenges and Chances in Healthcare - Part 2: Asset Tracking

8 minute read |
November 28, 2017
In part 1 of the Challenges and Chances in Healthcare, we explored how indoor mapping and positioning are transforming the way people interact with indoor spaces. By...

Imprecise Locationing Will Leave Your Indoor Positioning Data Flat

3 minute read |
July 13, 2017
What do indoor positioning and baking have in common? With both of them, accuracy is of the utmost importance. However, the ramifications of imprecise positioning are much...

New Generation of Technology Takes Wireless Indoor Location Tracking to the Next Level

6 minute read |
July 13, 2016
  Of all the exciting new technologies and applications the explosion of sensors and network-connected things has brought to us, one of the most intriguing has to be...

The Limitations of BLE Beacons for Indoor Location Tracking

4 minute read |
April 14, 2016
Despite being a buzzword for a while now, beacons continue to bring excitement when they’re mentioned in conversation. Healthcare uses them to track inventory and assets,...

Wayfinding Software and Bluetooth BLE Beacons

4 minute read |
May 21, 2015
  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are a relatively new technology, but a demand is already growing for them. With applications across industries such as healthcare, ...

The Spy On the Trading Floor

4 minute read |
March 26, 2015
  The man walked through the security doors after flashing his credentials. He wondered if the others had thought of this before. He woke up that morning knowing that his...

I’ll Take My Eggs With A Side Of Beacon

4 minute read |
February 18, 2015
  Using contextual data to offer users personalized and relevant advertisements, using location data to nudge consumers towards stores and products they may be unaware of,...

Wayfinding Tools Deliver an Omni-Channel Experience

7 minute read |
February 16, 2015
  [Image Source: Drunk Photographer] Although the principles of wayfinding have remained relatively constant, the tools we use to enhance our natural cognitive map-making...

The Golden Formula of Experiential Wayfinding

6 minute read |
January 12, 2015
  The 'Internet of Things’, at face value, is a phrase used to describe the idea of equipping everyday items with an Internet connection, as well as with the capability to...


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