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Poker, Personalization and Pancakes

4 minute read |
December 3, 2014
  How Smart Is Your Casino? The IntroWith smartphone hardware advancements, we are seeing a shift of attention into mobile applications. Some apps cater social media,...

Smart Bulbs Are C Students

5 minute read |
October 29, 2014
  First we had the innovations of Mr. Miyagi: wax on wax off. Then we were given the clapper: clap on clap off. Now we have the smart phone: app on, app off. With the...

Geolocation will shape commerce and security: Emerging Tech Forum

3 minute read |
June 4, 2014
June 3, 2014 Tyler Waldman,

Proximity versus Positioning… What’s the Difference?

8 minute read |
March 7, 2014
As location-based technologies take off there’s lots of hype about proximity versus positioning. Is there a difference, and if so, which is better? There’s little doubt...

Ambient Location

4 minute read |
December 17, 2013
We’ve reached an interesting predicament. We’re constantly on the move, and we want our devices to keep up. We want smart devices – ones that feed us what we need at just...

Location, location, location

3 minute read |
May 2, 2013
Location was the basis for mobility. The first reason we created mobile phones was so we could be located anywhere and actively communicate. Then we wanted GPS on our...


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