Contact Tracing and the Workplace

In a recent poll, 64% of respondents consider ensuring employee and visitor safety to be their most important priority when planning their return to work. A further 88% of respondents say that it’s important for their companies to deploy technology-based safety measures within their workplaces before they go back to work. That’s why Inpixon and Lenovo partnered to provide organizations with access to the technology they need to help people get back to work safely. And the best part is you may have all the necessary hardware in your workplace already.

In this session, you’ll learn about strategies organizations are using to support new safety protocols and monitor the health of their workplace. Because implementing solutions like digital contact tracing today, can mean a thriving workforce tomorrow.

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Presented by:

John Beresford
Vice President of  Sales 

Bob Kermanshahi
Head of Commercial IoT Sales, NA/LATAM