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Is Omnichannel Mapping the New Brand Standard?

6 minute read |
December 17, 2019
This post was contributed by Express Image Digital. Picture this - your guest is planning a visit to your mall. At their fingertips, there are three or more platforms...

How to Use an Indoor Mapping Platform to Drive Tenant Revenue

4 minute read |
October 16, 2019
When we talk with organizations exploring indoor mapping solutions, the initial use case they’re typically investigating is indoor navigation. The exciting thing is that...

5 Ways Enterprise Wayfinding is Shaping the Mall of the Future

6 minute read |
January 1, 2019
What comes to mind when you imagine the mall of the future? As consumers, one would hope that it would be easily accessible, navigation would be simple and...

Mobile Devices with Indoor Maps Revolutionize Shopping Malls

5 minute read |
January 1, 2019
Shopping malls and REITs have taken a bit of a battering in the past decade thanks to the ecommerce and online retail alternatives that have become available to...

10 Essential Features Indoor Wayfinding Adds to Your Shopping Mall App

8 minute read |
November 8, 2018
  When it comes to building your shopping mall app, you have the option to use an off-the-shelf solution or to develop a custom app – both approaches have their pros...

Unpacking the Canadian Consumer Retail Research Report

5 minute read |
April 24, 2018
  The Canadian Consumer Retail Research Report, a recent study conducted in 2018 by WisePlum (also available through the Retail Council of Canada) set out to answer four...

Retail 4.0: Reimagining the Modern In-Store Shopping Experience

6 minute read |
June 30, 2017
  Published June 30th on RIS.


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