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Meeting Room Booking

Inpixon‘s meeting room booking feature allows employees to quickly search, book, and discover meeting rooms on large business campuses.

Workplace experience app room booking feature shows an available boardroom, location information and amenity attributes alongside the option to reserve the space.

What is a Meeting Room Booking System?

The Inpixon Experience (formerly The CXApp Smart Campus) meeting room booking feature allows employees to see whether a particular meeting room is available and reserve it based on their collaboration requirements and meeting needs. The feature is used by businesses to maximize space efficiency, making cost-effective space management possible.

Context-Aware Meeting & Conference Room Reservations

The meeting room booking feature of Inpixon’s workplace experience platform allows employees to lookup available meeting spaces, view capacity, see the room layout, check environmental settings (temperature, CO2 levels, etc.), add a virtual meeting, invite participants, and check the amenities available (whiteboard, wireless charger, windows, monitor, projector, and more). The mobile app guides users to the location with turn-by-turn directions using Inpixon's indoor maps.

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Benefits to

  • Easy scheduling features connect to conference rooms and other shared spaces for on-the-go booking
  • Detailed lists of meeting room amenities help employees quickly find a collaboration space that matches their needs
  • Interactive with access controls and in-room hardware/software
  • Intelligent IoT-enabled NFC tags and sensors sync with the Inpixon Experience app to automate check-in at reserved spaces
  • Creates a comprehensive campus experience versus a single-point solution

Benefits to
the Business:

  • Supplies companies with full visibility into how meeting rooms are being used
  • Powers industry-leading conference and meeting reservation rules
  • Combines mapping and wayfinding with corporate services and amenities
  • Provides real-time utilization analytics
  • Allows dynamic monitoring and control of meeting room capacity for all locations
  • Advanced location-awareness sensors automatically release rooms back into inventory when not being used
  • Detailed contact tracing to help with rapid response protocols
  • And most importantly, offers an affordable solution at scale for a global workplace

Meeting Room Booking Features

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